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Sasquatch still around

Jim Myers - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

For several months now my friend John and I have been engaged in a fascinating, sometimes complex strategy to interact with a resident family of Sasquatches.  The exact location is a secret, but the general area is off of the Rosalie and Tanglewood trails.  After several months of successful interaction with one or more Squatches, we were rewarded by an actual sighting that John had not far from our gifting site #2.  On that day, the Squatch actually made a sound to attract John's attention: it sounded a little like a dog barking, almost as if a person were to yell out, 'Hey!" with a deep voice.  However, since that incredible sighting we'd almost become convinced that the family group had moved on to another location - since there hadn't been any activity at either of our gifting/habituation sites for three weeks.  But then we had another encounter.

My friend Julie had been asking for some time if I would take her out on a nighttime Squatching experience.  It finally worked out three nights ago, and we met at the local service station around 10pm to drive out to our gifting area.  When we arrived, there were a number of vehicles in the trailhead parking lot, but there was also a very large horse trailer there as well.  Given the late hour, we assumed that most if not all of the cars were part of the horseback outing, and that they'd undoubtedly ridden way back into the Mount Evans Wilderness to camp.  As we walked in we did notice one campfire, but that was all.  We gathered enough firewood to build a small fire, then I asked Julie to follow me further up the trial as I wanted to show her something.  I decided on the spur of the moment to show her our gifting site #2 - because I trust Julie implicitly, and because there's no way she could ever find her way back to the same spot in the light of day.  Both of our sites are located, intentionally, in very thickly wooded sections of the forest.  It can feel a little "creepy" going to these places in the daytime, let alone at night when you can't see anything and your imagination starts to wander.  We got to "moss rock" as we call it, and as expected everything had been rearranged.  I gave the night vision scope to Julie to look around while I put the objects back into some organized fashion.  Suddenly we both heard a howling sound coming from deeper in the woods.  It didn't sound like either a dog or a coyote, and we both wondered if it could have been a Squatch.  The howling came a second time, and I got a distinct feeling that maybe we shouldn't be where we were at that moment.  I told Julie that we were heading back out instead of hanging around the gifting rock for awhile.  When we got back to some open air and to our pile of firewood I said, "I was feeling pretty uncomfortable back there".  Julie replied, "Yeah, I could tell."  Sometimes you just got to respect those deep-down feelings and go with it, whether it's logical or not.  We lit the fire and sat there for an hour or so, just listening to the forest, talking quietly and looking around with the night scope.  Around 12:45 I suggested that we start slowly heading back to the truck.  We were about half-way back when suddenly, from behind us on the trial, we both heard a bark.  We turned around simultaneously, and almost said in unison, "Did you hear that?"  It was clear and distinct, and it sounded exactly like what John had described he'd heard a month earlier.  It was a full moon that night, but we couldn't see anything.  In hindsight, I wish we'd stayed another 15 minutes, just to see if it WAS a Sasquatch and whether it would show itself.  We stood there for maybe five minutes, then headed back to the truck and back home to get some sleep.

All in all, I'd say it was a very successful evening, and I for one am convinced that our family group is still hanging around.  Maybe next time it will be a class-A visual sighting.  We can only hope.

Sighting in Pine Junction??

Jim Myers - Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sasquatch Sighting in Pine Junction??

We recently heard a report of a POSSIBLE Sasquatch sighting in Pine Junction.  Around 10 days ago, someone came into the Outpost and told us the following story.  We have not been able to independently verify this story, so for now you can take it or leave it.  Incidentally, if anyone has any information on WHO saw the creature, or if you have a connection with anyone who works at Crossroads Bar and Grill - please let us know asap.

Anyway, apparently this employee was leaving the restaurant around 2 am, and he/she heard some kind of commotion down by the dumpster.  From what we were told, this person saw something or someone jump up (or jump out of the dumpster), and then took off running on two legs at a superhuman speed - far faster than a human could run.  If this story proves to be true, it would lend a lot of credence to the idea that Bigfoot is (at least in part) a scavenger, and they're not opposed to digging through our  garbage looking for food. 

The Noise Factor

Jim Myers - Monday, June 06, 2016

The Noise Factor

Last Saturday evening I took a group of 7 people and two volunteers on a night squatching expedition.  We went to the trailhead for the Rosalie Trail, parked our vehicles and hoofed it around a mile up the trail.  I've been up this trail numerous times in the daytime, and there are many signs of Sasquatch activity along the trail - so much so that I thought it would be a perfect location for an night hike.  Only one problem:  there's a stream that runs along the path for at least the first 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile - and it is so loud that you cannot hear anything above the noise.  When I was by myself, this issue never occurred to me, as I was preoccupied with all the tree breaks and tree structures I was seeing.  But at night, one of our major strategies is just sitting and listening - for long periods of time.  Well, this ideas was completely  out the window with all the noise of the stream.  I was able to show the group some of the more interesting tree "art", and we went to our gifting area and left some new, non-edible objects.  A couple of months ago I stuck an apple and an orange about 15 feet up on one of the trees in this area - jammed hard against two jagged, broken off branches.  Up until about 6 days ago, both fruits were still in place.  On Saturday evening the apple was gone.  I realize that a raccoon or some other climbing critter could have taken it, but it was jammed really hard onto that spike and would not be easy to remove.  Can't say it was taken by a Squatch.... but can't say it wasn't either.

We passed the evening without incident, and headed back out around 12:30.  We sometimes stay longer, but since we couldn't hear anything anyway, decided  to cut the night short and get some sleep. 

Surreal Experience

Jim Myers - Monday, April 11, 2016

The event with Ron Morehead was a resounding success, and we had our largest crowd yet at around 120, down at the Table Mountain Inn in Golden.  Ron spoke on "Quantum Bigfoot", which (in short) is an attempt to explain much of the "paranormal" or unexplainable phenomena that can occur in the world of Bigfoot research.  Ron shared a number of strange experiences they'd encountered in the Sierra Nevadas while doing their research: strange lights in the forest, unexplainable sounds, footprints that seemed to stop in the middle of nowwhere and "disappear", and even what could be described as "shape-shifting" among the bigfoots.  I had a couple of lengthy conversations with Ron on this whole topic, and how it relates to spirituality.  There is definitely an element of the unexplainable when you delve deep enough into this world of seeking to understand this "Forest Tribe" of people.  

Yesterday is a case in point:  Several of us, including Ron and Kari his fiancee, Dr Al Guinn, and his friend Travis spent a couple of hours hiking around Kenosha pass looking for any signs of Sasquatch activity.  We didn't find anything of consequence while we were hiking, but something strange occurred on the way home.  We'd parted ways with Ron and Keri, who were continuing on from there to the Springs to visit friends.  I was driving our car, and two friends followed us in their jeep.  We were about 1/3 of the way down the mountain when I suddenly felt a very uncomfortable and alarming sensation.  I said to everyone in the car, "I think I'm going to pass out", and immediately pulled off the road and stopped the car.  The jeep behind us followed suit, and we all sat there for a second.  As I began to recover from the episode (whatever it was), I realized that where I'd pulled off was the only place I COULD have pulled off for the next couple of miles, as from that point forward it was a steep incline with guard rails all the way down.  2 seconds further and I could have hit the guard rail, or just stopped in the middle of hwy 285 with cars bearing down at high speed behind us. As Doc Guinn checked my pulse, his friend Travis got out of the car to look around.  There's a stream that flows through the canyon, and Travis noticed some tracks that came down the side of the mountain in the snow, went through the icy stream and came up to our side.  As he got closer he realized that they weren't hoof prints, but looked bi-pedal.  The slope at the point is so steep that no deer or elk in its right mind would have attempted a descent, nor any human for that matter.  But something HAD come down there, and it looked like it was walking on two legs.  Having just spent two hours in the woods looking for signs of Sasquatch, it was an uncanny coincidence that at the very spot where my mini-crisis occurred we found tracks. I don't have a copy of the photos, but I'll post them as soon as Travis sends them to me.  Incidentally, I've felt completely normal since that time yesterday.  Strange, huh?

Paradigm Shift

Jim Myers - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

We had a very dramatic sighting reported to us two days ago,  which you can read about on the Sasquatch Sightings page of this website.  As I interviewed the witness I was once again struck by how life-changing an experience like this can be - particularly when the Squatch is seen at close range, in broad daylight, and standing completely still in the middle of the trail.  "Paradigm Shift" is what I would refer to it as, meaning that after a sighting like this, everything you've ever known (or believed you knew) about the world is suddenly turned upside down.  Most people have heard of Bigfoot or Sasquatch at some point in their lifetime, and probably dismissed it as a myth, or the product of too much alcohol or pot (or both).  "Finding Bigfoot" and "Monster Quest" are just more examples of delusional rednecks seeing imaginary creatures... until someone has a sighting of their own.  Then, in literally the blink of an eye they go from skeptic to traumatized believer, and life will never be the same.  

I honestly don't understand the skeptics out there who insist on making snide comments on our Sasquatch Outpost Facebook page about bears walking around on two legs, or the increase in sightings since pot was legalized.  My personal theory is that they secretly WANT to believe, and they go on our Facebook page to read the latest information, but can't resist the temptation to comment on someone's posting.  The mountain of scientific evidence for the existence of Sasquatch is quite literally overwhelming... if someone will ever take the time to examine the evidence with an open mind.  "Sasquatch can't be real, so there's no point in looking at any "supposed" evidence" is often the reply I get from Skeptics.  But every day the volume of evidence continues to grow - more tracks, better recordings of vocalizations, mounting DNA evidence, increasing numbers of eye-witness sightings.  I know that most will never believe unless a body can be produced, but that will be a sad day; the human-Sasquatch link is so profound that the poor sod who brings a dead Bigfoot out into the open might end up being charged with murder.  We'll see.  Until such a time arrives, we'll just keep quietly doing our research, believing that vindication is only a matter of time.

Grand Opening of the Sasquatch Encounter

Jim Myers - Sunday, April 03, 2016

Yesterday we celebrated the grand opening of our all-new, completely renovated Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum.  It was a great day for the Sasquatch Outpost, as we had 58 people go through the museum (most of them adults), and we also had our first $1000 sales day in at least four months. So if this is any indication of the draw the Sasquatch Encounter will have,  I'm very encouraged.  We were looking for something that could ensure more of a year-round customer base, rather than just in the summer months.  "Thrive in the summer, and survive the winter" - that's the motto for all mountain businesses.  Maybe that's about to change for us.  It was also a bitter-sweet day for me personally, as I just returned last Wednesday evening from my Mother's memorial service.  I've never been through the loss of a parent, and I'm still not sure how I'm doing emotionally today.  This morning is the first chance I've had in many, many weeks to sit down and quietly reflect on all that's happened in our lives of late.  I know that I will miss Mom dearly, and I haven't even begun to allow myself to feel the void that she will leave.  And yet, the last week I had with her, Dad and all my siblings was perhaps the sweetest we've ever experienced as a family.  Each of us had lots of time to spend with Mom alone while she was still alert, and I am very, very grateful for that.  This is a new day for Dad, who at 85 years young had been married to Mom for nearly 65 years.   That's something worth talking about in today's world of temporary marriages.  She will be dearly and deeply missed.

I will forever be grateful to our two angels - Julie and Susan - who worked tirelessly for an entire week to finish the Encounter museum while I was with my family in Alabama.  There is no way I can adequately thank them for this sacrifice of love and friendship.  They have shown us what true friendship looks and feels like, and they now have lifetime free membership to the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum!!!  We have more work to do in the museum (like adding glowing eyes in the cave/gold mine, and adding Bigfoot sounds to the nighttime nature track that is currently playing in the Bigfoot forest.  But all in all, I'd say this group of green-horn Museum builders all did a pretty damn great job putting this whole thing together!  Well done everyone!

Gearing up for a BIG summer!

Jim Myers - Friday, March 04, 2016

First of all, we want to acknowledge that our beloved town of Bailey has been struck by tragedy with the shooting death of one of our long-time deputies Nate Carrigan, and two other deputies wounded in an eviction that went very, very badly.  We are a close-knit community, and this tragedy hits very close to home for all of us - and our prayers are very much with Nate's family and the entire Sheriff's department as they grieve this tremendous loss.

On a very different note, here at the Sasquatch Outpost we're gearing up for a BIG summer!  We've got some nationally (and world) renown speakers coming in, and we have lots of Squatching Expeditions on the schedule.  AND, we are in the process of remodeling (yes, we do a lot of that around here!) our Sasquatch Encounter room to create a true Sasquatch museum to house our newest BIG addition - our life-sized Sasquatch who is now hiding behind the trees in our Encounter room.  We are planning the GRAND opening for Saturday March 26th.  At the same time we are launching a "Name The Sasquatch" contest, and we will be announcing the winner at the Grand Opening, and prizes will be given to the first and second place entries.  If you would like to enter the contest, please write us at info@sasquatchoutpost.com and give us up to two suggestions of a name for our Hairy Resident.  

We had a great turnout for our Sasquatch Outpost Town Hall meeting last Saturday: over 80 folks came, from as far away as Greely, Estes-Park and Parker.  Dennis Pfohl and Mark Taylor from the BFRO and Colorado Bigfoot Research             started the evening off with a short presentation on Bigfoot research and some of the latest scientific evidence, and then we opened the floor for anyone who wanted to share their own Sasquatch Encounter.  Several people came up to speak, and a couple of the stories were phenomenal, pee your pants encounters.  I'm hoping to have these sightings added to our Sightings page in the next few days, so keep checking back.  

We're excited about the summer ahead! 

Bailey Bigfoot

Jim Myers - Monday, December 07, 2015

I am continually amazed by the number and variety of Bigfoot reports we continue to receive here in the Sasquatch Outpost.  I'm sure this is partially due to word of mouth and the simple fact that this is the only place within a very large distance that someone can come and personally tell their Bigfoot Encounter story.  I'm not in any way trying to minimize the role of the B.F.R.O., S.I.R., and other Colorado Bigfoot organizations in collecting reports of Bigfoot Activity, but the advantage we have is physical presence 7 days a week, in a known location.  

A couple of days ago a couple came in who live only a short distance from the store, in what is known as the Burland Ranchettes neighborhood of Bailey.  For those unfamiliar with the geographic layout of Bailey, Burland is a fairly densely populated subdivision, with most homes built on 1/2 to 1 acre.  There is some wilderness around the edges of the neighborhood, and the back of the subdivision butts up against the Pike National Forest.  Anyway, this couple live in a home that is located pretty much in the middle of Burland -surrounded by homes.  At 2 a.m. on the morning of November 21, the husband woke up to the sound of metal crashing outside.  He got up and looked out his upstairs window down onto his driveway.  A new snow had fallen that night, but he saw a set of enormous tracks going across his driveway and over towards his shed.  The driveway is 25 feet wide, and the person/creature crossed it in three strides - so the prints were around 7+ feet apart.  I tried to see if I could replicate that, and I couldn't even come close - even jumping - to a 7 foot stride.  I am 5' 9", and I would guess you'd have to be close to 7 feet tall or even more to create tracks like those he saw that night.  The next morning they discovered their old kitchen stove that was out by the shed had been bashed around, picked up and dropped upside down. That's some impressive strength!  I can't say with 100% certainty that a Squatch was responsible... but the evidence sure points in that direction.


Terrific Tracks

Jim Myers - Sunday, November 29, 2015

A few days ago, we had a visitor in the store - a young man (I'd say around 16) who'd ridden his bike from Ken Caryl all the way to Wellington Lake, then on into Bailey.  He's definitely a Bigfoot believer, and he told us about some tracks he'd seen while biking up Pleasant Park Road.  I was able to drive down to the location the next day, and sure enough there was a long track line that started at (or within) the tree line, came across a meadow and then crossed a small stream... at which point they disappeared.  Each track was approximately 18 inches in length and probably 7-8 inches in width.  What was even more amazing was the  length of the stride; I unfortunately did not have my tape measure with me, but I estimated somewhere around 8-10 feet between the footprints.  I've tried to imagine what other animal  (elk, deer, possibly coyote) could make those tracks, possibly by jumping?  But the distance seemed too great for this, as the tracks covered almost 80 yards across the meadow.  There were no drag marks or troughs between each track like we would make.  Since the tracks were located on private property, I did not hang around too long- just took a few photos and left.  Below are a couple of photos: enjoy!


Sawatch Squatch Watch

Jim Myers - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A couple of Sundays ago Daphne and I took off after church for a two-hour ride through paradise, down to Salida in South Park.  What a gorgeous drive!  I just never get tired of it.  We'd been invited to come down to meet a group that calls itself the "Sawatch Squatch Watch" (after the Sawatch mountain range).  Great group of folks who are all very serious about Bigfoot research, and boy did they have some stories to tell!  Several years ago a group of them actually saw an entire family group of Sasquatch - Adult male, female and what appeared to be several younger ones.  Joe was the one who saw the big male, and all he could see was from about the waist up.  The Squatch was up the hill from him, in the shade, but there were two things that he noticed in particular:  first, the head was huge and conical in shape.  He said it looked for all the world  like someone had cut a watermelon in half, painted it black and stuck it up on the Squatch's head.  But it was the eyes that really got to him: they looked like wet blackness under the prominent brow line.  There was absolutely no white in the eyes at all - just this deep, shiny blackness.  That's enough to make me think twice about approaching big daddy!

As I said, that was several years ago, but they've had a number of sightings this past year.  Joe and his wife were out hiking a few months ago, and she saw what appeared to be a monkey up in a tree.  The trail dropped down sharply in front of them, and the tree was tall enough that the "monkey" was almost at their same level.  She distinctly saw a head, arms and legs - then when she turned to ask Joe if he could see it and turned back... it was gone.  She said it looked just like a chimpanzee looking at them - and unless there's a North American species of chimp I don't know about, she had to have been looking at a juvenile Bigfoot.  People often ask us why Bailey is such a hot-spot for Bigfoot sightings, and my response is that it isn't.  I honestly believe if my store was located in any town in the Rockies, there would be just as many sightings on the map there as we have around Bailey.   The Sasquatch Outpost just gives people a place to come and talk about their experiences, knowing we won't make fun of them.  I also believe that there are probably 10 times as many sightings as any of us know about, but most people who've had an encounter of some kind just won't talk about for fear of being mocked.  

Hopefully Daphne and I can make another trip down to Salida to visit our new friends with SSW, and get out in their neck of the woods for a change.   

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