When: June 27, 2015
Where: Jefferson Lake Area, Colorado
Who: Campers

Family was camping in the Aspen Campground below Jefferson Lake.  They left the campground around 8am to head towards the lake.  Just as they turned out of the campground, the children looked back to their left and apparently saw the back and buttocks of a Sasquatch as it disappeared through the trees.  They screamed, and told their father to pull over.  By the time the Dad turned to look, the Sasquatch was gone.  However, he said later that he has no doubt they saw what they said they saw, because of their reaction.

When: Late June 2015
Where: Vicinity around Jefferson Lake
Who: Volunteers working on the Colorado Trail near Jefferson Lake.

Six people working on the trail (cutting trees) saw a Sasquatch, that apparently came out and stood looking at them before disappearing into the forest.  No further details available for the moment.

When: July 2, 2015
Where: Jefferson Lake campground

Family camping at Lodgepole campground near Jefferson Lake, CO.
Family was out for a hike around dusk, when they came across a Sasquatch standing in a pond along the Jefferson Loop trail.  They apparently were able to get a shot of the Squatch on their phone camera, but the image was very blurry according to the camp host who saw the photo.  The family packed up and left the camp early the next morning as a result of their sighting.