When: 2007
Where: Michigan Creek Campground - Fairplay, Colorado

About 8 years ago, fellow who works for one of the local post offices took his son camping at the Michigan Creek campground.  They were the only ones camping there at the time. One night around midnight he heard a sound over by his truck, and it sounded like someone was pushing on the door of the truck, because he heard the sound of the metal being pushed in and rebounding.  The windows on the truck were partially rolled down.  He picked up his million candle power flashlight, unzipped the tent and shone it over to his truck. What he saw startled him beyond belief.  Standing about 10 yards away from the truck (on the other side of the truck) was an enormous Sasquatch.  It stood there and looked directly at them.  Then it turned and calmly walked back into the woods and disappeared.   He said it more “glided” back to the forest – you couldn't hear it's steps, and as it walked the head never left its position.  It was very, very smooth.  Details:  it was extremely tall – at least 8 feet – and of massive proportions (he compared the width of its shoulders to the front door of the store (About 42 inches wide); it was covered in hair that was dark brown in color; very muscular arms and chest, and it had a “chiseled” look going from the chest down to the waist.  The most  interesting  thing to him was that its eyes reflected back in the light... and they were red.  He and his son did not sleep the rest of the night.  When they investigated the truck in the morning, he noticed a wet dog smell in the interior, and there was a big wipe mark on the hood, almost like it took its forearm and wiped the hood of the truck.  The wipe mark looked like long hair.