Have you had your own "Sasquatch Encounter"?  Perhaps you found some unusual footprints, or you heard a sound you could not identify, or (best of all) you've actually seen a Sasquatch.  Whatever your experience, we would love to hear about it!  Please take a moment to fill out the form below with your contact information, and the details of your experience.  Our commitment to you is to keep this information private, unless we receive your express, written permission to publish your story on our website or to use it in any other way.  If you have photos that you would be willing to share with us, please attach them to the form below (we would again ask your permission before posting any photos on this website or on our Facebook page).  

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!


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I saw a Sasquatch
I found footprints
I heard a Sasquatch
I found something else

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