As reported to the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, CO

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Trail Blocker

The Ben Tyler Trail
Shawnee, Colorado
April 3, 2016, 12:00 pm
Jack (not his real name)

A hiker and his pit-bull mix were confronted by a Sasquatch while hiking the Ben Tyler trail in Shawnee, CO on Monday.  It was around noon on the 3rd, and after parking at the Ben Tyler trailhead "Jack" and Babe headed out for what proved to be a life-changing afternoon.  It was a beautiful, warm,sunny day - perfect for getting a little exercise.  Jack and Babe began their ascent, following the switchbacks that lead to the top of the first ridge.   As they turned the corner on the fourth or fifth switchback, Babe very uncharacteristically hit reverse gear, and with her tail between her legs hastily backed up between Jack's legs.  Jack thought she might have seen a snake or something, although she almost never backs down from any confrontation.  He knelt down to grab her to keep her from heading back down the mountain, then turned to look back up the trail to see what had so frightened her.  What he saw literally changed his life.  Standing in the middle of the trail (no more than 50 feet ahead) was a large, hairy creature - standing and staring directly at Jack.  Jack's very first thought was, "What am I looking at?"  Then as he watched the creature took a deep breath and blinked its eyes.  The blink happened in ultra slow-motion - at least that's what it seemed like to Jack as he stared in disbelief and rapidly mounting terror.  What he remembers is that it was covered in reddish-brown hair, and the hair under its arms was longer and hung down around 6 inches.  He also noticed that the creature seemed to have low breasts and a "paunchy" stomach - giving the overall impression of an old man with "man boobs".  It appeared to be 6.5 or perhaps 7 feet tall.  What struck him most of all were the dark, fierce looking eyes.  The entire interaction probably took only 1-2 seconds, but Jack got the distinct impression that it was intentionally standing where it was to block Jack and Babe from continuing any further up the trail.  As soon as he saw it inhale and blink, Jack turned and ran as fast as he could down the hill, with Babe hot on his trail.  Although he had an iPhone in his pocket the entire time, the last thing on his mind was to snap a picture; he was literally running for his life - expecting to be grabbed from behind as he made his headlong dash down the hill.  He believes that he fell multiple times on his way down, and the next thing he knew he was at his truck, frantically trying to fish his keys out of his pocket.

My rendition of the Squatch based on Jack's information 

Not long afterwards he came into The Sasquatch Outpost, looking for all the world like he'd just seen a ghost.  I asked him if I could help him in some way.  He looked apprehensively around the store (there were other customers there at the time), he replied, "I really hate to ask this, but do you have anybody out in the woods in a Bigfoot suit?"  I replied that of course I don't, and then asked him, "Why, did you see something?"  "Yes", he answered, "Just a little while ago.  I'm still shaking from the experience".  Then he started to leave, turned and said, "Look me in the eyes, and tell me if you have someone in the woods in a suit."  I repeated that no, I do not place people in the woods in suits, as they would likely just get shot.  We talked for a few more minutes, and he recounted for me the details I've written above.  He was genuinely in shock, and the longer we spoke, the more emotional he became.  It seems that his entire world-view has understandably been shaken to the core.







Aggressive Display

The Western Slope of Colorado
September 2014


A young couple were bow hunting in a remote location on the Western Slope.  The first night they camped, they heard a series of strange howls, about 1/4 mile away. Must be coyotes, they reasoned.

The next day, they staked out a butchered elk carcass.  "K" had a bear license that year, and they'd noticed that a bear had been visiting the carcass. They hoped he'd come back.
Just before dark, with no sightings yet, "K" tried adding an elk bugle call -- and was interrupted right in the middle of it with a HUGE growl/scream not 20-30 yards away, at the end of the forest.  It was so loud that they felt as if their hair was blowing back, comic-book style. And the creature seemed to be clearly saying, "THIS ELK IS MINE. GO AWAY."
So they did.

That night, they were snoozing in the tent, when about 3 a.m., the howls started up again. Only this time they were closer - a few hundred yards away. And they kept on. And on. And ON, getting louder. At times, a coyote group nearby would answer the screams back. The screams were accompanied by wood knocking. Meanwhile, the couple were in the tent, wondering if Mr. Bigfoot was going to come pounding through the side any minute. 

After AN HOUR of this, the screaming and wood-knocking suddenly stopped -- but they heard the crunching of leaves as something circled their campsite.

Then silence.

Had whatever-it-was tailed them from the elk carcass? They think so.

Both are experienced hunters -- "K", in particular. Both know what a bear, elk or mountain lion sound like. They insisted this was nothing like any animal they'd ever heard --- "one of the freakiest things I've ever listened to."



Rare White Bigfoot Sighting

September 1978

Wellington Lake Recreation Area


My former husband and I had taken our children for a picnic at Wellington Lake, just south of Buffalo Creek, Colorado. What I saw was not the same as what I've seen in photos, however, what I saw was a bipedal creature with white fur. This may sound strange, but, I was talking with my former husband when the creature stepped out from behind a boulder. I told my now exhusband, to look. He turned around but the creature ducked back behind the boulder. My exhusband turned back to me and said, "I didn't see anything." At that very moment the creature showed itself to me again. I told my ex to turn around. He did, and the creature ducked behind the boulder again. This happened four or five times, and then the creature was gone. The creature was partially bipedal and then would stoop like an ape and touch the ground. It had a human-like feeling about it because it was obviously playing some sort of a game with me. I have never told anybody except for people I trust not to make fun of me. I was a resident in the area for many years and I knew what wildlife was there...nothing came close to this creature. I've seen mountain lion, bobcats, linx, badgers, deer, elk, bear, and many more creatures in that area, but nothing like this.

 The creature was very quiet, light on his/her feet. It was not as large as Bigfoot, and the fur was pure white like a Polar Bear. I didn't get a clear vision of its face. This was not a Polar Bear. We lived in Colorado where there were only black bears. In addition the creature was obviously clever and had a sense of humor and intelligence that was human like. Again, it was not incredibly tall, maybe 5'9" or so. It wasn't a person playing a prank either, it was too agile and too fast, and that area is wilderness area, very difficult for a human to scammer around so quickly - over boulders and up mountains, etc.



Tracks in the Snow

November 26, 2015

Conifer, CO 

We received a report a few days ago about some very large tracks that were found near Conifer, CO.  I took my daughter and my nephew with me to investigate.  What we found was a line of tracks in the snow that seemed to come from the tree-line and ended at a creek.  I will include some photos below, but the tracks were approximately 18 inches in length, and the distance between them was an astounding 8-10 feet.  I cannot say for certain what made the tracks, but I cannot think of any local wildlife that has a consistent stride (or jump) of that distance.    Look at the photos and judge for yourself.









Sasquatch Silhouette 

October 20, 2015


Hall valley road 

A hunter was looking through his spotting scope across the hillside, and he noticed a figure on the far ridge – right on the horizon. At first he thought it might have been a tree, but then noticed that it had a human-looking figure. He started taking pictures with his camera through the spotting scope, so the quality was not great. As he was taking pictures, it moved, turned towards the camera and now it looked like a huge, square figure with a head. It crouched down and eventually moved out of range of the scope. It was so far up above tree line, and at dusk, that it's highly unlikely that it was a human. Plus it just looked too big to be a human. The altitude where the figure was had to be around 11,000, and it was already getting dark.

Meridian Monster

Labor Day weekend 2006

Meridian Campground, Bailey, CO 

A Family was camping at Meridian campground, off of C.R. 43 in Bailey, in the summer of 2006.  They stayed until Sunday, and almost all the campers had left the campground.   Around 3am on Monday morning they could hear dogs barking nearby, then they heard screaming – like a woman screaming “help”. The screaming went on for over an hour, then it got quiet. Their dog did not respond to any of this noise. The Dad woke up again around 4 to something outside the tent at his feet, sniffing around and then making a deep “Oof” noise.  The father said that the sniffing sound did not sound like any other animal he kew of - it was almost like Then he heard it walking around the tent, bipedal steps "thud, thud, thud". Then it got quiet again. Later again, they heard the high-pitched “help” screams coming from up on the ridge. When it got light the kids wanted to go gather firewood (they hadn't heard anything the night before), and their Dad told them to stay in his sight. They walked up to the top of the ridge, and came running back shortly after – completely pale and terrified (2 girls ages 6 and 12); Dad said, “What's wrong?” And they said that as they were starting to collect firewood, about 30 feet from them a large, hairy, human-looking figure stepped out from behind a tree and looked at them. It was not wearing any clothes, and was 5-6 feet tall. They said he had no hair on this face, or hands, but when the sun shone through the hair it was reddish-brown in color. Neither of the girls had ever heard of bigfoot before, so they would have had no reason to make the story up. 


Kenosha Bigfoot?
 Date: November 17, 20?? 

Location: Kenosha Pass   

Time : 10 pm, full moon

I was driving to work in Fairplay when I was in law enforcement. I always scan the side of the road for deer and elk I noticed a very large create standing on two legs. At first I thought “wow big bear” but as I slowed and it ran off I knew it wasn't a bear. To d big and bears don't run in that manor nor that freak strange fashion. I was honored to have seen it but scared the crap out me.


Frightening Encounter

Date: July 2, 2015

Time of Day:  Dusk 

Location: Trail near Lodgepole Campground, Jefferson Lake 

Family was out for a hike around dusk, when they came across a Sasquatch standing in a pond along the Jefferson Loop trail. They apparently were able to get a shot of the Squatch on their phone camera, but the image was very blurry according to the camp host who saw the photo.  The host said that there was "definitely something big and dark in the middle of the water".  When the husband was asked if it was possible they'd seen a moose, he was highly offended and replied, "I think I know the difference between a moose and what we saw".  The encounter so shook the family that they packed up and left the camp early the next morning as a result of their sighting.

Prints in a Pond

Date: June 24, 2015

Location: Pond off of Hall Valley Road 

Jim and James HALL 

Father and son were hiking along Hall Valley road, that leads up to Webster Pass. Next to the parking lot where people unload and load their ATV's on the West side of the road going up, they found tracks in the stream that crossed the stream. The tracks were 3-4 feet apart; they were 12-14 inches long each. The tracks were several inches deep. They did not look like moose or elk tracks, but more hominid. There were no tracks obvious on the ground leading into or out of the stream.

Bigfoot Buttocks

Date: June 27, 2015

Location: Jefferson Lake Area, Colorado

Family was camping in the Aspen Campground below Jefferson Lake. They left the campground around 8am to head towards the lake. Just as they turned out of the campground, the children looked back to their left and apparently saw the back and buttocks of a Sasquatch as it disappeared through the trees. They screamed, and told their father to pull over. By the time the Dad turned to look, the Sasquatch was gone. However, he said later that he has no doubt they saw what they said they saw, because of their reaction (very unusual for his kids to react that way).


Six Person Sighting

Date: Late June 2015

Location: Somewhere along the Colorado Trail near Jefferson Lake   

Six people working on the trail (clearing trees, using chainsaws) saw a Sasquatch, that apparently came out and stood looking at them before disappearing into the forest. No further details available for the moment. 


Clear Footprints

Date: Early May, 2015

Location: County Road 64, Bailey 

10am, had rained hard the night before. Tracks were discovered on county road 64, near the entrance to happy top. There was a track line approximately 20-30 feet that came out of the woods, walked along the road and then back into the woods. There were at least two sets of tracks, one that was approximately a size 11 and another smaller set of tracks as well.

Chewbacca Noise

Date: Mid-February 2015

Time: 04:00 am

Location: Pine Junction Park and Ride (new one)

Standing waiting for the bus, and heard a really loud sound, almost like Chewbacca from Star Wars. It came from the North, from behind Ace Hardware. The dogs in the area went crazy. When he heard it he was alarmed enough to go stand in front of the fitness center where there was light. He heard it one more time, then nothing.

Big Roar

Date: September 1, 2014

Location: Deer Creek Ranchos, Bailey CO

Couple live off Hangman's road in the Ranchos. At 4:00 am the husband took the dogs out. The garbage was at the end of the driveway, right on Hangman Rd. As the husband stepped out with the dogs he heard a tremendous scream/roar coming from the end of the drive. The dogs barked and all their hair was on end. His wife also heard it, but neither of them had any idea what could have made the noise. At first light they saw that the garbage was strewn all over the driveway.

Wellington Bigfoot

Date: summer 2008

Location: Wellington Lake

About 7 years ago, man was camping at Wellington and took his two beagles on a hike. It was near the end of the summer. He was hiking at the corner of the lake (southwest corner), approximately between the castle mountain and the ravine on the left hand side of the castle. It was still in the woods down below (he hadn't started hiking up the mountain yet). He saw something running away, about 50-60 yards away: dark tan in color, on two legs, VERY large and running VERY fast. It was far enough away that he couldn't hear any sound from the running. He ran over to the spot where he first saw it (the dogs didn't initially see it), and when he reached that spot the two beagles went absolutely berserk – barking and howling and just going nuts. They were on leases, so he held on to them as they wanted to run after the scent. He couldn't smell anything himself.

Campground Visitor

Date: Summer 2007
Location:  Michigan Creek Area, South Park

About 8 years ago, fellow took his son camping at the Michigan Creek campground. They were the only ones camping there at the time. One night around midnight he heard a sound over by his truck, and it sounded like someone was pushing on the door of the truck, because he heard the sound of the metal being pushed in and rebounding. The windows on the truck were partially rolled down. He picked up his million candle power flashlight, unzipped the tent and shone it over to his truck. What he saw startled him beyond belief. Standing about 10 yards away from the truck (on the other side of the truck) was an enormous Sasquatch. It stood there and looked directly at them. Then it turned and calmly walked back into the woods and disappeared. He said it more “glided” back to the forest – you couldn't hear it's steps, and as it walked the head never left its position. It was very, very smooth. Details: it was extremely tall – at least 8 feet – and of massive proportions (he compared the width of its shoulders to the front door of the store (About 42 inches wide); it was covered in hair that was dark brown in color; very muscular arms and chest, and it had a “chiseled” look going from the chest down to the waist. The most interesting thing to him was that its eyes reflected back in the light... and they were red. He and his son did not sleep the rest of the night. When they investigated the truck in the morning ,he noticed a wet dog smell in the interior, and there was a big wipe mark on the hood, almost like it took its forearm and wiped the hood of the truck. The wipe left hairy-looking marks on the truck. 

Great Ape Noises

Date: Summer (July, August) of 1995.

Location: Near Lake George, Park County

Off of Platte Springs Road (FS 212) near Lake George, 5 miles after you turn off from Lake George. Had gone camping by himself with his dog. The weather was clear. Woken up in the night by vocalizations that resembled what you'd hear in the “Great Ape House” - low grunts or whoops like an ape might make, followed by a high pitched scream. This repeated for a few minutes. Very loud. The scream that followed the hoots was like an ape scream. He thought, “That's a Sasquatch” but he wasn't afraid. That was his last night. He would have said that the sounds belonged more in Africa than in Colorado.

Sasquatch Family Group

 Date: Summer 2005

Location: Monarch Lake 

Donnie Featherman (Lakota from pine ridge)

Man was fishing all night at Monarch Lake, along with his son and a friend. Early in the morning they saw four figures, covered in hair that came up through the willows at the inlet of the lake. They were about 300 feet away. The hair was dark brown, and there was one female, one male and two small ones. They came out through the willows, and the two larger ones stood and looked around while the two small ones got into the water and played quietly. The fishermen said the figures never saw them, and they watched them for four or five minutes. The four figures turned and walked back in to the willows and disappeared. One interesting fact that the man recountyed is that the eyes were very large, and very dark – he couldn't see any white showing in the eyes at all. Large, dark eyes – almost like the size of a cows eyes.   


Date: 1994

Clark Griggs

Time of year: Summer

Clark was hiking the UTE Peak Trail with his Rottweiler. It was around 10:00 am. As they were walking you got a sense that something was not right. All the nape hairs and goose-bumps started, and the forest got very quiet. He noticed some scat on the left side of the trail (oval shaped, orange with hairs in it; 8-10 inches in length) and he noticed some stratches on a tree near the scat. Another 20 yards or so up the trail his dog, which was not typical behavior, came running back to his side. He pulled out his .357 revolver and continued up the trail. His dog walked up ahead again, about 30 yards ahead, and all of the sudden about 40 yards ahead a tree fell across the trial. There was no wind or weather event at the time. He estimated that the tree was maybe 25 feet tall. At that point, Clark got the distinct sense that he shouldn't be there, and turned around and went back down the hill, stopping about every 6 feet to look back, as he still got the sense that he was being followed. Since that time, he hasn't


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